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When I was first diagnosed with MS in February 2004, the neurologist who told me in his inimitable New York straight to the point way that I had Multiple Sclerosis, my reaction was “I’d deal with it”. He then said I couldn’t just deal with it because it was a life threatening incurable disease and I’d be bed ridden and using a wheelchair full time  within six months if I didn’t start using the drugs. I didn’t and never have used the med’s, actually they don’t deserve to be called medicine’s, because they are quite simply pharmaceutical drugs that mask a symptom not the cause of the health condition.


I was soon to hear about a juice made from the Mangosteen fruit that only grows in south east asia and Hawaii. I’ve taken the juice that’s called  XanGo ever since I first started in November 2004. Without it I struggle really badly, yes it is addressing the symptoms but there are no side effects, or should I say no negative side effects. I’ve had arthritis in my knees since I was 28 which was a few years ago…… actually 30 years ago….wow that made me feel really old. Taking the juice helps considerably with the MS symptoms and completely eases the arthritis.


I started working for Dr.Huggins and the inquisitive side of me became more than an interest in trying to fix me. It became an obsession not just for me but for the thousands of people I talked with during the 3 ½ years.

I studied quite aggressively to learn as much as I could of Dr.Huggins work and Alternative or Complementary medicine.


The next thing I tried was Progurt, a probiotic in yoghurt form. I talked a great deal with a Phd called Robert Beson, who strangely enough was another New Yorker but he had set up a company called Micro Bio Flora near Sydney, Australia. OK we’ve all heard of probiotics so what made Progurt better than the thousands of others. Well you might see something on the bottles telling you there are 5 million CFU’s or some might say as much as 5 billion CFU’s. Colony forming units are friendly bacteria, Progurt is not just a little different it’s massively different in the way it’s made and the variety of bacteria it uses. Oh there is another reason, it has a trillion CFU’s so not only does it use significantly more strains of healthy bacteria it is also 200 times more powerful than anything else.


I used it for six months and yes it was helping me, so why am I not using anymore, hmmm well it could be that my wife started having an affair then cleaned out our bank account and filed for divorce. Her reason’s basically all came down to my MS symptoms., nice.

This made it impossible to afford as Progurt was costing $600 per month. But if I had the money I would get back on with Progurt in a heartbeat.


Working for Dr.Huggins convinced me of the dangers of the materials and methods used in conventional dentistry. I talked with thousands (literally) of patients and a number of dentists qualified in biological dentistry and more importantly in the Huggins protocol. I soon became good friends with two of the best dentists in the country (USA), Dr.Blanche Grube and Dr.John Rothchild.

Dr. Blanche performed a total dental revision that lasted 10 hours over two non consecutive days, that was very important. Following the body chemistry plan from Dr.Huggins after the dental revision gave me hope of a full recovery from MS.

Sadly that didn’t work although I certainly made improvements.

I’m struggling now after all this one finger typing, I’m getting cramp in my right hand not just the typing finger, so I’ll stop now and continue tomorrow.


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