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After the serious and complex dental revision and body chemistry re-balancing I dabbled in a few other potential remedies that weren’t expensive and relatively ineffective at changing or improving any of the debilitating symptoms but I kept a positive and optimistic attitude.

It was in 2010 that I read about Dr.Paolo Zamboni in Italy, his wife had suffered very badly with MS which spurred him on to research the disease and possible cures. He discovered that every MS patient he saw had the same problem in their veins. As blood is pumped around the body he found that in all patients there was a blockage as the blood travelled from the brain causing a back up. Keeping this as simple as I can it meant that the restricted blood flow meant less oxygen getting to the brain and other organs. Obviously no oxygen or less of it restricted the effectiveness of these essential organs resulting in symptoms. OK this is a very basic explanation for the condition now called Chronic CerebroSpinal Venous Insufficiency or CCSVI. The operation on his wife resulted in a 75% improvement in her condition including a return of her sight,


As I’d lost my job for no fault of my own (see Ignominiously dumped for a more detailed explanation) I desperately wanted to have this operation. I sought financial assistance from the Huggins Alliance of dentists that I’d helped for three and a half years. I was able to raise enough money to have the operation. Not at the best hospital but a far less expensive one in Bulgaria.

Again there is a detailed post called My Quest..part 2.5


Part of the operation to maintain the blood flow was to have a stent put into the jugular vein but because of my knowledge right or wrong I refused to have a metal stent left in my vein. So the problem was…is that stenosis happened or the vein closed or narrowed again meaning the MS didn’t go.

So far there have been more than 50,000 CCSVI operations around the world with a better than 90% success rate.

Sometimes I could kick myself for not having the stent, oh well, thats in the past so onward and upward.


Since getting back to the UK I have read and researched as much as I could which leads me to the last two things. I read about a doctor called Celeste Pepe D.C N.D. who wrote a book on her MS recovery. Of the nine steps she used only one I’d not heard of, Sphingolin Myelin Basic Protein which is harvested from the spinal cord of New Zealand cattle.

The explanation by the medical profession is that the immune system is attacking itself hence the term Autoimmune disease, the suggestion is that by taking the sphingolin myelin basic protein the immune system could attack this instead of the myelin surrounding the nerves in the brain then the excess taken could slowly replace the damaged myelin.

I am not expecting massive immediate results but over time I’m hoping for an improvement.


The last and other current thing involves magnesium, I’ve used magnesium for several years but in a book I read by Dr. Carolyn Dean, she goes into more depth than anything I’ve ever seen.Without going into this too deeply she talks of magnesium being crucial in the workings of over 800 systems and enzymes in the body.

I take Magnesium Chloride in tablet form daily and soak for an hour or more three times each week in warm baths with 8 cups of magnesium chloride which is about a kilo.


My very well educated friend in Japan has researched a herb called Herb Robert that I will be taking as a tea when it arrives from Australia, I’ll keep you updated so watch this space,


Now I’m sure there are some readers confused by the title of this post. If you are in England and ever watch TV you may have seen a commercial advertising Landrover’s.

Several people are shown including a guy who lost his leg from the knee down, he’s running. There’s a guy climbing a sheer rock face then falling, he’s roped up then he’s climbing again. Throughout the commercial there are several people doing things they were told they couldn’t.

I was told by neurologists and other doctors that I have an incurable disease and I will never get better and I should just accept what they tell me that my condition will only get worse.

The tagline in the Landrover commercial is:


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