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I’ll start with this, in the main I’m feeling good, now by good I mean that I’m not feeling any negative effects from the new additions to my daily regimen of magnesium chloride, sphingolin, herb robert and black cumin seed oil.

I take the herb robert as tea three times, sphingolin is four tablets, magnesium chloride is three tablets twice a day and the black cumin seed oil just the one time in the morning.


I am very conscious of not raving about the positives because over the years it seems that there can be a reversal or complete changes in a heartbeat. MS is a tricky disease to beat, the symptoms are not limited to any specific part of the body. It’s perceived an autoimmune disease as in the body is attacking itself. Although I’ve worked for an amazing man and studied the research of many experts in the field of alternative or complementary medicine I’m not qualified to have an accepted opinion. Accepted by others officially trained that is, but I reserve the right to my own opinion and treat myself.


So moving around the flat where I live is restricted to gripping the furniture and doorways and shuffling about, this enables me to get to the bathroom (15 times) and kitchen and bedroom. It does however mean that I can’t carry anything. Fortunately for me my sister and niece reload my water bottles daily.


Upon waking I have to drink 1 ½ litres of water before getting out of bed, over the last 17 months I’ve tried not drinking or drinking less but the outcome is the same and it’s resulted in an overall weakness and legs that simply don’t work which can be a tad worrying.


People don’t die of MS per se, but the symptoms cause organs and limbs to not function correctly resulting in problems. Because the immune system is working overtime it means it’s not available to fight off minor problems that can lead to something serious.


I’m still a little unsure about why my body seems to be crying out for salt, oh I’m sure there are some readers shaking their heads and tutting about the salt thing but I’ve mentioned this before that contrary to the general opinion, everyone needs salt but not the crappy nutritionally bereft table salt.

If I just drink plain filtered water I become very weak but having a half litre with himalayan rock salt tends restore my somewhat weakened strength and allows me to get around in my gimpy way.


I’m expecting my blood test results soon, possibly even tomorrow, so I’ll be able to make an educated guess as to the efficacy of my supplements. As the subject line states, my health is a work in progress.

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