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Having MS as I’m sure you can imagine is a tad frustrating to say the least, my head says it’s ok to do something but this old body say’s nah….. not going to happen. I’ll try walking but my left leg didn’t get the memo and refuses to move. That results in an awkward stumble or more painfully a fall.

I’ve spent many an hour researching on the web reading paper and article after article hoping, no, believing that someone somewhere has some information that will help.

As all my readers will know, I’ve tried a multitude of things, some things I’ve stopped after a month or two because I’ve noticed little or no changes. However some things seem to have made subtle differences, at least I notice I experience detrimental changes if I stop taking it, so I take it again and feel better


I’ve no intention of giving up looking because that would result in allowing this hideous disease to take a firmer grip of me and gradually take away my desire to live. So thats never going to happen, I will beat this….


As I’ve said many times before, Dr Huggins work has always been considered controversial and dismissed by most, but those with open minds have understood he’s right about so many things.


He explained to me about the complexity or red and white blood cells and the roles they play in keeping the body working efficiently. Basically the white cells, neutrophils lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils are essentially the immune.

The red is essentially the main transport system for nutrients as well as detoxification via Albumin.

Within the red blood cells is Hemoglobin that has four ports which are supposed to be occupied by oxyhemoglobin which means oxygen is being delivered to the various organs to enable them to function. Ok getting to the point, if a significant symptom of MS is extreme fatigue, that probably means that the important oxygen is not getting to the muscles. Amalgam fillings which are made from 52% mercury, zinc, copper, tin and 8% of silver, when you chew, brush your teeth or drink hot drinks you stimulate the release of methyl mercury a gas which is 100 times more toxic than mercury. In this form it can eventually get into the bloodstream, Now it attaches to one, two, three or even four of the available ports on the hemoglobin preventing the oxygen from being delivered. Now the mercury gets to live in one of the filter organs, liver, kidney, heart or brain. In any one of these will cause problems but the kidneys (blood filter) and brain are more specifically affecting me.


One possible solution would be to detoxify and cleanse the kidneys and blood, from reading Huggins and Levy et al, removing all mercury is nigh on impossible but worth a try. I seem to remember an interesting one on facebook a couple of weeks ago, so if anyone still has access to it please repost it for me.

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