Drugs have side effects..really?…. joke

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On Monday this week I went through a mental patch of weakness, I was thinking to myself that I take several natural supplements that take a lump out of my generously provided but limited disability benefits. So I thought to myself I’d see if if could get some “BENIGN” sleeping pills from the doc to replace the advil pm I buy each month.

The doctor I’d seen last month in Nottingham that is checking to see if I’m conning them so they could cancel my disability benefits also suggested I take an ms med. So I was going to have to take a drug so I might as well take a sleeping pill as well.

Tuesday was the day that the Simvastatin and Zopiclone sleeping pills arrived, I’d take them that night which I wasn’t looking forward to, I hate pharmaceuticals with a vengeance because they treat symptoms not the cause and can have severe side effects.

The name Simvastatin indicates it is a Statin which essentially is a statin drug primarily prescribed for what doctors totally mistake for high cholesterol. Ok I’m just me.. just little old Stefan who can’t possibly know more about cholesterol than the doctor and big pharma. Well I do I’m sorry! I know the truth about cholesterol and how it is a Saint in your body and certainly not the Sinner its made out to be by the blind sided uninformed doctors. And big pharma know what they’re doing and they don’t give a rats ass about your health only the Billions they make in pure profit every month and year.

So what has statin drugs got to do with MS? beats me and why would I take it if I believe what I do? Well I have to show Athos that I’m willing.

Monday night I took a half dose of both to minimize the potential negative side effects.

I took them both at 11.45 pm and waited for the sleeping pill to take an effect, I didn’t have to wait too long as I started uncontrollably yawning in 15 mins and settled down waiting for my 6 hour sleep to start.

The first thing I knew as I was awakened with a shock  at 3.14 was that I desperately needed to pee. Most people know I get a one minute warning telling me I will pee wherever I am in one minute so get to a toilet…Now.

This is where the fun starts if you are a viewer and not me…my legs didn’t work courtesy of the Simvastatin, weakness in my legs was an understatement it was more like I could see they were attached to my hips but communication with the brain was non existent. So the request to walk materialised as “can you collapse under me please, I want to empty my bladder on the carpet”

Knee bending and toes bending the wrong way.,,, ouch all happened in a jiffy resulting in an almost catastrophic fall but the “Spider Man” in me somehow saved me. But at this point the overflow valve hanging between my legs shouted…”my turn”.., and fortunately for me I was able to use a 2 finger pinch to restrict it. Now I just needed to get up of the floor with one hand and get to the loo…standing wasn’t an option so on one hand and knees it was. Like Tripod the dog I made it to the bathroom before overflow demanded attention.

Needless to say the uncoordinated weak and wimpy git I’ve become took a tad more than 5 minutes to clean up.


Anyway after drinking a lot more sole (solay) I felt a lot better and drinking in the healthful tonic of seeing my beautiful Mum, sister and niece I felt much better as the day wore on.


OK wednesday night I certainly wasn’t going to take the simvastatin but the sleeping pill I’d have the full dose tonight as my thinking was that it was only the simvastatin that caused the problems.

Little did I know….At 11.15pm I took the full dose of Zopiclone hoping for twice as much shuteye as the 3 hours the night before. Well that nearly happened, at 5.30 I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed (thats wide awake for my US friends).

I checked email on my tablet and played a few games of Words with Friends until the one minute warning was sounded…..Pee, Pee, Pee….you have 60 seconds to get your spazzy legs to the loo..

So feeling confident I attempted to swing…(not going to happen) my legs out of bed, with a lot of help from a commando crawl and flop I was on the floor but……but the full dose of the sleeping pill Zopiclone was playing havoc with the communication lines between brain and limbs.

Again if you aren’t me watching the pathetic attempts at standing was hilarious, for you not me but I suppose I have to laugh or cry and call it a day, but I have a sister who is really a wolf and a mother who kissed Hitler that would seriously beat the crap out of me if I did.

Shuffling on my naked butt I attempted to get out, as I’m sure you can imagine this movement stimulated the already wanting to pee overflow pipe into action. Oh crap, swiftly pinching my parts and scanning the room for help I grabbed the pint glass I would use for my morning drinks.

OK not very ladylike (yes I’m a man) I peed into the glass, well most of it. Trying to lean backwards to place it on the nightstand proved slightly too awkward for spazman…me and the half full glass slipped and came to rest jammed between the bed, at this time it had marginally less pee in it, looks like the bedding needs changing.

Oh I really do love Suzie and Debs, the bestest sister and niece ever….please

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