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I thought that being back in England would help me recover much faster than when I was in the States for a number of reasons really. The fact that I would be closer to my loved ones, my family is so important to me, it’s definitely been so much better seeing them rather than just talking on the phone or seeing them on skype. I thought having far less stress in my life would make a significant difference and that’s happened  especially as I now don’t have to worry about paying my bills and being able to buy the foods I need and the supplements I have to take daily.

But it’s isn’t happening as I believed it would, I tell myself every day that I’m improving by using the daily supplements and researching unctions and potions but there is something missing, yes I know there are thousands of researchers and organizations around the world all looking for ways so why should little ole me be able to do this when they haven’t.

So I shouldn’t worry and just accept I have an incurable disease and live a limited but certainly better life than before.

But no I still think there’s a reason thats there but just eluding me.

The more I think about how I’m feeling daily or more specifically at certain times of day the more I realise that I am doing the right things with the supplements. I use a good quality protein shake in the morning with fruit. I drink almost a gallon of alkaline water each day, when I don’t drink that quantity I become very dehydrated which results in extreme weakness so although I’m not thirsty I have to force myself to drink.

I’ve noticed That I’m normally very good for the first half of the day but I tend to struggle on most days for the latter part.

What’s the common denominator?

Food…. although my wonderful niece comes over six days each week and cooks lunch for me, I often have salad when its hot or Deb’s will cook something for me and she’s a great cook. But in the evening I make myself a frozen meal mostly, its easy for me to just pop something into the microwave and nuke it.

This is how I’m negating all the good work being done earlier in the day, I’m eating highly processed foods.

So although I did try going Raw for about a month that just doesn’t work for me, I don’t have many pleasurable things in life so having a nicely cooked meal is something I really look forward to.

So Raw is a no no, although I can see and understand the nutritional benefits, but eliminating the frozen ready cooked meals is out for now. I’ll try a month or two and reassess how I’m feeling and make a judgement call from there.

I’ll have my whey protein shakes at breakfast then Deb’s will cook a nice meal, my evenings will have to be the biggest and most significant change by only eating fruit and veggies if possible.


It’s no big problem it’ll just mean food shopping will have to be changed but I think this could mean improvements in my health and at the end of the day that has to be my priority.

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