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Several years ago while living in Colorado I dated an interesting woman who was very passionate about negative ions, she insisted I plug a negative ion generator into the cigarette lighter socket in my truck and had others placed strategically around the house.

At first I thought this to be a little radical but it did encourage me to do some research and I was a little surprised at what I read about the possible dangers from free radicals.

Free radical stress from exposure to mercury pollution, cigarettes, insecticides, pesticides, trans fats, radiation, and many others, continually deplete your body of electrons

Grounding effectively alleviates inflammation because it thins your blood and infuses you with negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet

When you are grounded to the earth, the negatively charged electrons you receive increase the structure of the water in your cells

Living water is negatively charged water. This water can hold energy, much like a battery, and can deliver energy too. When you ground, you are charging every single cell in your body with energy your body can use for self-healing

Surfaces that will allow your body to ground include: sand, beach, grass, bare soil, concrete, brick, and ceramic tile

So having reminded myself of the benefits of grounding and being in direct contact with “mother earth” I’m attempting to walk around without shoes or socks. This might seem like a nothing thing to 99.9% of people but I have something called “drop foot” that  restricts my left foot from automatically raising properly as I walk. So apart from being extremely weak with MS and having to furniture and wall walk I have to really concentrate with every step or there’s a chance of a toe or two bending under as I walk and that as you can imagine is sort of painful to say the least.

For the very first since I moved into my nice little flat I went outside, very carefully and took a couple of steps. These were limited to being able to keep hold of the door handle, but it felt great.

I found an inexpensive “earthing mat” on Amazon which is plugged into an electric socket to get “earthed” but obviously not turned on, I’ll be able to sit inside with my bare feet on the mat.


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