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Since writing about Grounding I’ve been getting outside at least twice per day, to start it was quite a challenge negotiating the steps especially being barefoot.

Because my left side suffers the dreaded “dropfoot” problem I’m constantly worried that I’ll sprain my ankle or break a toe.

But early on about 7.45 am I shuffle out gripping the door handle and getting white knuckles then eventually sitting on a chair on the grass. The first time, I stayed for 30 minutes counting traffic but it felt nice to be outside and strangely it felt great being barefoot on the grass.

I wasn’t sure what to expect really, it might do nothing more than be pleasurable being outside in the fresh air but I’ll keep an open mind.

Getting back inside was difficult but once I’d done that I felt a strange but good feeling of improved stability. Was this a real improvement albeit a minor one or was this just wishful thinking. Late afternoon as the sun was no longer directly over me I went out again for another half hour. I actually felt different, ok I’m not going to rave about “Grounding” or “Earthing” but the minor differences to me are definitely changing my skeptical view.


For the last two years I’ve not been able to spread my toes on my left foot, it’s horrible not having control or my leg properly, straining to move my foot and stretch my toes but nothing happening is frustrating.

But….But it is happening now….I look down and smile when I feel and see my toes spread and I can actually feel different sensations. Ok it’s not perfect and it’s only a small, very small change but it’s a change, an improvement and I’ve only done it six times. I did buy an inexpensive earthing mat which I keep my feet on for several hours per day.


Also for four days now I’ve been juicing two meals per day, I’m fighting with myself mentally because my education with Dr.Huggins goes against juicing “per se”, his research showed that by juicing and separating the pulp from the juice it is also separating some necessary enzymes thus creating a “partitioned food”.

This may well be a fact and may well have a limiting factor but there is no doubt I’m feeling good inside.

I’m going to stick with the juicing and grounding for a month and re-evaluate my condition then, so for the time being I’m using Mother Nature to sustain me.

to sit inside with my bare feet on the mat.


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