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Every day is a challenge for me physically, mentally and emotionally, I suppose looking at these three it’s the physical side that’s more demanding simply because every move I make, be it getting up off the sofa which happens 20 times each day or moving something to and from the kitchen. These natural everyday functions that seem easy peasy to most people are so demanding physically to me, but strangely enough I’ve accepted that my physical restrictions are at least for the time being what they are, temporary.


Mentally is a problem, but I suppose that all comes down to my ego, I think everyone has an ego and that is based on what each individual has or hasn’t done in their own lives. In my case I know physically I’ve done more than most. I want to make this clear, I don’t think of myself as better than anyone else or bitter and think it should be someone else suffering. No this is mine to deal with, no one elses fault, it happened and I will beat it.


It’s the emotional side that’s harder for me, I write about the reasons people get sick or contract a specific disease and in my mind I have a view that’s different from 99.9% of people. Because I worked with Dr Huggins I had the opportunity to learn from the world leading authority in his field of biological dentistry.  I studied his work and that of many others that have pioneered natural healing.

So my opinion isn’t based on hearsay or something I read on Wikipedia or found on Google no it’s solid proven research and results, so to others I have a different opinion but to me its not an opinion, it’s fact.


Now the reason why the emotional aspect is more of a challenge is that I know in my heart that this disease can be beaten, it’s Curable and not incurable as “they” say.

So as much as it hurts 24/7 and restricts my every move I keep telling myself that I will win. In some ways I can liken this to my belief in God, I can’t see him, he doesn’t talk to me (he does but I’m not going to talk about that now) it’s my faith.

My faith is indestructible, I know I’m right, I believe and I have faith.

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