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Very interesting book I’ve read this last week all because I have a theory about my MS. This disease is still very much a confused subject when it comes to the medical community at least so in the western world of allopathic medicine. All disease and illness is treated based on the symptoms each person is experiencing, yes there are minor differences in the medication, actually that sickens me to refer to it as medication when in reality in 99.9% of the cases it’s a pharmaceutical drug to pacify or mask the symptom.


One of the many symptoms of MS that bothers me is the number of times I have to pee, not a big problem but getting up and to the loo is very tiring for me and when it happens 20 or 25 times per day it’s a very tiring pain.

I know I have a hummingbird bladder but what is it thats causing this problem, this made me think about my kidneys, were they partly blocked or just functioning badly and if so why?


During my many hours searching I came across a book called “The Miracle Kidney Cleanse” by Lauren Felts, CN. This I’ve found truly inspirational, yes I knew of the basic kidney functions but he goes into so much depth about the many problems created through poor kidney efficiency.

I want to say so much more but I’ll restrict my ravings until I have a more detailed opinion.

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