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What frightens me is how I’m so good at sharing useful information about health and nutrition but  apparently not when it comes to following it myself down to the letter.

In the main I know what is good nutritionally and if I have food I’ve not had before I read about the ingredients and avoid highly processed foods.


So on Friday morning I had 2 packets of Quaker Oats with berries, which I just thought would be a nice variation on the norm, I also had a Nature’s Path granola bar which again I perceived as healthy.


That night I went to bed as normal but slept quite badly and woke several times for no apparent reason. When I got up at 7.30 I felt a little weak so had my breakfast which happened to be more of the Quaker oats, By about 10 am I was so weak in my legs I found it very hard just to stand let alone walk. When getting back from the loo (bathroom)  my legs totally gave in and I fell quite awkwardly, lucky for me my head is tougher than the wall so while crumpled on the floor I texted my Sister Suzie and asked if she could come over sooner than the 11.30 we’d arranged.  She was close by and was there in a matter of minutes. She and Stuart with a great amount of effort were able to get me up and back to my seat.

Suzie did all that was necessary and stayed with me for a few hours.


An hour after they left I had another episode, but this time my slip, fall, collapse resulted in nearly bursting my knees and bashing my face on the floor. I texted Suzie  again but as my arms had no strength at all so coordination was none existent my text just said “HELP”. After a brief call to me they were on their way back. She’d called Chelsea and Danny who came before Suzie could get here.


I’ll not go into everything that happened other than to say Suzie looked at the sugar content of the things I’d eaten, my body can tolerate 8 to 10 grams of sugar in a 24 hr period. I’d had almost 15 times that amount, no wonder I was in such a bad way, the good thing was I knew that plenty of water and time would be the remedy,

It’s now 24 hrs later and although I’m not 100% better I am 99 % so another day, another gallon of water and I’ll be back to normal, although me being me could never be considered normal.


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