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I know there are organisations out there that have access to massive multi million dollar medical and research facilities, and I know there are plenty of genuine companies actually looking for cures to to this horrible disease, but in my experience the majority of them are aiming to provide something to ease the symptoms and nothing more.

So for the past 11 years in my own limited and use myself as a guinea pig way I’ve been looking for a cure, I’m not primarily interested in easing my pain although that helps temporarily I don’t see that as my long term goal.


It’s very much a time consuming and can be expensive way but I see no other option for me, I’m lucky to be blessed with a loving and helpful family, some have been fantastic, Mum, Suzie and Deb’s specifically.


A couple of months back I started “Grounding or Earthing”, think whatever you like but I know for a fact that it’s helping me, I read and watched a testimonial about a man that has significantly helped his wife who has been suffering with MS for 10 years. He started her on a protocol that included Colloidal silver to assist in detoxifying the mercury which has been scientifically proven to be one of the main causes of MS.

He also started her on Calcium AEP and Sphingolin, all three were taken three times daily.


So being optimistic I started the same protocol about three weeks ago, I think today I feel stronger and physically better than I have for several years. Now I don’t think this new protocol is solely responsible because there are a few other things I do that in my opinion have also helped.

I take a product called XanGo which I’ve taken for nine years and really cannot envisage a day without it, I take long soaks in a warm bath with Magnesium Chloride (75mins) I also eat healthy foods. Organic fruits and veggies whenever possible juiced.

Considering I’m 60 next year and I physically can’t exercise, I am not unhappy about how I look.

So my intermittent fasting by missing breakfast on non regular days and fasting from 6 pm Saturday to 6 pm Sunday is also helping.


I meditate daily and have an unbreakable belief that everything in my life is good and getting better and better and better. Yes there have been horrible crappy days when I have felt so bad I had to dig deep, very deep and have faith that the bad is only temporary.

But I’m still here and one day everyone will be amazed, some will say I’m lucky but I know it will happen and for that I’m grateful.


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