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Over the years I can look back and be proud of the things I’ve done, the countries I;ve visited, the sports I’ve participated in and the physicality of my life. I was in the Army and I’m sure you’ve all heard how strenuous “Boot Camp” is, I trained for and completed the Welsh 3000 an arduous and challenging race over three mountains over 3,000 ft in Snowdonia national park. I competed and won a “Superstars” competition in north yorkshire in my teens. I’ve run several half marathons, my fastest time was in Cambridge at 1 hr 29 mins, not a shabby time.

I’ve hiked a lot in the Lake District and The Dales, also the beautiful state of Colorado during my 11 years there.

Most people that know me already know of my skydiving, hang gliding scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain biking and as a pilot, there was rarely a week pass by over any of my years between 20 and 44 that I wasn’t in the gym or road running..


So why am I telling you this, am I just bragging…no I’m not I just want to put things into perspective and ask you a question…


What do you think was the most physically demanding of all the things I’ve done?


Well I can tell you without a doubt that all the sports and physical challenges I’ve done are nothing….. nothing at all in comparison to standing in the kitchen preparing my breakfast and getting my supplements for the day..


The extreme fatigue i experience by standing for 30 minutes simply dwarf anything I’ve done in the past, obviously I have no idea of what you’ve done physically but based on my physical exploits I sincerely doubt you’ve experienced anything at all like the overwhelming extreme fatigue……notice I said fatigue not pain..that I go through daily. After getting my breakfast n things, I stagger to the sofa and rest for 30 minutes before i have the strength to get up again to get to the loo..


I’m not looking for sympathy or for you to say “ah, poor Stef”, no not at all, I just wanted to put things into perspective, I’ve had a brilliant life so far and I know in the very heart and core of me that my best years, and there’s still plenty to come are in my future.

Life is for living, take nothing for granted……  

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