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Over the last couple of years I’ve slowly become slightly frustrated because I have tried my best to remain positive and optimistic about my health and the chances of beating this  degenerative disease. But although I’ve had very small or subtle improvements occasionally I’ve also had a few horrendous days, yes the reason for these have been identified as having certain foods that have had rather large amounts of sugar but still very worrying for me.

In the last couple of months there have been two really bad episodes, both resulting in me unable to move, I’d collapsed and was on the floor in pain, luckily for me my sister Suzie helped and my niece Deb’s was there for the other.

Because of this I saw my GP earlier this week who ran a blood test for me, I received a call a day later asking me to come in again next week. Now some might see this as a bad thing as there was a problem with my thyroid but I’m actually quite pleased because I think it will be an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism and this can be addressed relatively easily.

If this is the main reason for the extreme fatigue then I can remain positive and optimistic about the methods I’m using for my MS.

I can cope with this, it’s frustrating and depressing as I’ve slowly got worse over the past 14 years but it hasn’t beat me and now knowing there is a very specific problem that can be addressed with natural supplements possibly or medication makes me happy. Its a weight off my shoulders.


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