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Over the last few years my food choices have become rather limited, the first change happened when I became gluten intolerant followed by lactose intolerance. When I started working for the late Dr Huggins and read the in depth research on the No 1 addictive contaminant used in the western world, sugar I eliminated that from my diet as well.

So no gluten, no milk and no sugar meant that desserts where now a thing of the past and I’ve been comfortable with that. So over the years I’ve changed to coconut milk which I really like and prefer to the other alternatives like almond or rice milk. To me the taste is better but more importantly the health benefits are substantially more. Almond and rice milk are advertised much more heavily because its much cheaper to produce and far more profitable to the companies that have no interest in the health of the uninformed public.

A couple of weeks ago, my wonderful niece Debbie told me about a new company making gluten free and sugar free desserts, my initial thoughts where that it sounded good but like all the others they probably used artificial sweeteners that do as much harm as sugar.

I went to their site and was proven wrong, actually I was blown away….. because they are using all natural ingredients, no synthetic crap.

I thought then that it sounded too good to be true and waited till Debbie got some for me to try. What do they say “The proof is in the pudding” well that was literally the truth.


I can honestly tell you that they taste fantastic, I’ve tried several and the taste and textures are to die for (not literally).



At Fit Kitchen we use the most natural, clean, unprocessed and healthy ingredients possible without comprimising on taste!

All our cakes and treats are gluten free, grain free, sugar free and dairy free without any nasty additives. We believe in using highly nutritious ingredients that benefit the body and satisfy your sweet tooth for longer!

We use coconut flour in our cakes which is packed with dietary fibre and protein to provide a much more filling cake. The high fibre content also keeps sugars from being absorbed into the bloodstream making it low on the glycemic index.


Refined white sugar has no nutritional value and is bad for your health as well as your waist line! We use a variety of natural sweeteners that have less of an impact on your blood sugar levels leaving you less likely to binge after 1 bite! You can read more about what goes into our cakes and treats on the ‘Our Ingredients’ page.

All our cakes are freshly made to order so feel free to let us know if you have any specific requirements and we will try our best to cater to you!

A link to their site..



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