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The documentary “Shots in the Dark” delves into vaccine toxicity and possible explanations for catastrophic vaccine reactionsSome individuals appear to be unable to rid their bodies of toxic vaccine ingredients, making them especially vulnerable to brain inflammation, autoimmune reactions and neurological damageMoney from the powerful drug lobby dominating Capitol Hill makes it virtually impossible for citizens to effect positive change around government vaccination policy


Here in the UK we are so lucky because the government isn’t influenced to the same degree as the American’s and the lobbyist from the real governing body, Big Pharma.

Those despicable pariah’s who are interested in one thing and one thing only which is PROFIT….


It’s sad to think that people in general are constantly being battered with misinformation on TV, the newspapers, magazines, the radio and now the most prolific source of the above, the internet..

99% of people blindly accept the blatant lies because it’s  become “the norm” to be sick especially if you’re over 50. The only consistent thing about those people getting sick is the fact that their brains and bodies have been subject to “misinformation” for longer.

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