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Over the past few week I’ve re-established my friendship with probably the best researcher I’ve ever known, we met in Colorado three years ago but because of a stupid mistake on my part we drifted apart. Anyway I was lucky enough to receive an email a few weeks back and now although the friendship hasn’t been completely restored we are chatting again albeit via email.

The point of this post is not she and I chatting again but what she’s helped me understand regarding a subject very close to my heart and that’s health, more importantly… health..

By no means am I so arrogant to think I know it all but when it comes to natural foods, nutrition and supplements but I do have a better understanding than most.

However my friend recently helped me get a better grasp of an essential mineral that is fundamental to living but totally misunderstood and missing from the diet of most in the western world.

I’m not going to extoll the virtues and benefits of this mineral until I can honestly show others how this is helping me, yes I am feeling better, yes I’m experiencing physical and mental improvements but they are subtle. Very obvious to me as little things are easier to do but they aren’t massive improvements that attract the attention of others.

I actually feel this more than anything else has given me genuine hope for the future.

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