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On some days I find it hard to maintain my optimism because each day is the same to me, the only difference between weekdays and the weekend is what’s on TV. But I’m not getting despondent or depressed or letting my confidence wane, I just have to remind myself that I’m here, alive and living reasonably comfortably. My bills are all paid each month and I have enough to buy most supplements I need and most importantly I’m not getting worse. When I look at all other MS sufferers they are in a worse condition than they were yesterday and 99% are taking pharmaceutical drugs, which in reality do no more than mask the symptoms, yes mask them, fool the body into thinking it’s ok but all the time the disease is taking a firmer hold.

The supplements I’m taking now are definitely helping me to beat this hideous disease, I might not have found the definitive answer……yet, but a friend of mine has pointed me in the right direction, the minerals my body obviously needed,  no, was desperate for are slowly but surely making a difference.

So, my optimism is still strong and when I wake and have to drink 1 ½ litres of lemon water before getting out of bed I remind myself that I am so lucky to have a loving family to help and so much better off than  many others.

It takes 2 seconds to realise this and be grateful for all I have.

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