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A few years ago while working for the late Dr Huggins I would regularly take salt capsules, now I know 99% of my readers will throw up their hands and raise their eyebrows at the thought of taking salt..But salt is a much needed mineral by the body, quite often people will feel thirsty and drink a liquid and most times that won’t be water. Two mistakes there, firstly, yes a liquid will quench the initial feeling of thirst but it’s water that’s going to help not a hot drink and certainly not soda. And secondly the feeling of thirst is quite often a cry by the body for salt, but not the crappy nutritionally bereft table salt but a healthy salt such as Himalayan Crystal Salt.

In my body which has experienced a deficiency of vital minerals, taking a healthy salt capsule is making a massive difference to my everyday life, yes I’m sick but that isn’t because I’ve consciously been eating and drinking the wrong foods. It started with dental work, mercury amalgam fillings and root canals, all amalgam fillings contain mercury, contrary to the dentist telling blatant lies that they are safe silver fillings.

So getting back to my point, taking the salt capsules first thing in the morning has drastically reduced the amount of water I needed to drink each day, I was drinking a gallon of water but over the past week  it’s down to 5 or 6 pints. That may not seem much but trust me when I say only having to go to the loo 15 times is a lot easier than 25 times.


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