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Ongoing improvements is a good thing for me to be saying, even nicer to actually be feeling and experiencing them. As I’ve said on numerous occasions before, they are small subtle improvements but when the medical professionals tell you all that’s going to happen is that you’ll slowly but surely get worse, so feeling stronger is brilliant. Actually most days I don’t actually feel any better but I definitely don’t feel any worse so in my book that’s good.

Since I started taking the Salt tablets I don’t need to have as much water which initially worried me because it’s frightening how weak I’d get if I didn’t drink almost a gallon of water each day. The water was always with either Himalayan crystal salt or Bicarbonate of soda, obviously the amount of salt in the water was nowhere near the amount in the salt caps. The caps are SaltStick caps and have 550 mg of sodium chloride.
I think the regimen I’ve been on for the past month has filled me with true hope and inspiration, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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