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Since a good friend of mine who is the most prolific researcher ever, obviously I don’t know every researcher but she is amazing and I know I have a lot to thank her for, well she sent a great deal of information about MSM and then SAM-e which I’ve previously mentioned. These two sulphur based minerals have been shown in detailed studies to be very influential to the improvement in MS patient’s.

Well so far I’m a month into MSM (6,000mg daily) and 6 days of 400 iu’s of SAM-e, the changes I’m seeing are in my opinion quite wonderful, the obvious improvements like balance and strength are quite special.

Not having to drink so much water is having a great  psychologically improvement, not having to get up and shuffle to the loo so  often is great.

A small change although huge to me happened this morning while in bed, I stretched my legs, no, I’ve done that before….no I could actually feel my toes spread out. Now that probably seems like nothing to you but to me not being able to consciously feel my toes for the past ten years, this was nothing short of incredible…

So optimism is rife in my mind..

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