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I want to start this post by firstly thanking Stefan Cairns for the wealth of experience he so graciously shared with my wife and I,

I first contacted Huggins Applied Healing in the summer of 2008 and although my early conversations with Stefan seemed to result in strong differences of opinion bordering on arguement I was soon to learn he was telling the truth and what I thought I knew to be the truth wasn’t.

My wife had been having several health issues that seemed to baffle my family doctor and several clinic’s we’d visited here in southern California. A good friend of mine in Simi Valley knew a Naturopath who knew a biological dentist who was in the elite Huggins Alliance of Huggins trained dentist’s. Hence my call to this organization called Huggins Applied Healing and my first contact with Stefan. After a lengthy conversation with this opinionated Brit I eventually agreed to a telephone consultation with Dr. Huggins who was always referred to as “Doc”.

Needless to say the views of Doc were 180 degrees from traditional western medical practitioners and it took several weeks for my wife and I to accept his words as the truth.


Stefan has suggested I keep this reasonably short this time and write again over the weekend.

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