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To carry on my experience of Dr Huggins and Stefan Cairns, as I mentioned earlier my wife had been struggling with what the doctor’s told her was a problem that was “all in her head”. In other words the lethargy and mood swings couldn’t possibly be anything else as she was only in her late 20’s (I’ve been warned that a woman’s age especially my wife’s is no-one else’s business) so late 20’s will suffice.

Dr.Huggins explained the problem was actually the most toxic non radioactive substance on earth!! you can imagine the look on our faces when he said that. Complete and utter confusion, I explained that we were both very conscious of additives in foods and household cleaners etc so our house was almost devoid of those things. The next question was almost rhetorical asking, no stating that the fillings she’d had were those “silver” one’s not white resin fillings. We both tutted and rolled our eyes saying why would that make any difference at all. Doc then went to great length explaining what the “silver” fillings really were. Neither of us knew that they were really mainly mercury with other heavy metals that included a small percentage of silver. Those people (some dentists) are not nice at all in fact in my opinion they are either stupid or evil.Shortly after the consultation we made an appointment to see the dentist.

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