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So the strange thing was after the two fillings were replaced my wife almost immediately noticed changes, she said it was like a hood was lifted from her head. I personally noticed a significant change in her personality, she was almost back to the woman I’d fallen in love with and married.

I suppose this was when my interest in what was being done to everyone that had had those fillings in their teeth. I called Huggins again and talked with Stefan. It seemed strange to me to be asking him so many questions, getting answers and wanting to scream at the doctors and dentists that had obviously been lying to me and Susan, my wife.

Over the coming months I must have bought ten books written by Dr.Huggins or Dr.Levy or both… I became very passionate about health in general which encouraged me to take my nutritionist qualification.

During the period between June 08 thru Feb 2011 I think I talked with Stefan, specifically on 14 occasions, some of my calls lasted nearly an hour, it amazed me how he’d spend the time helping me. I’m sure Doc wasn’t too happy about it but that’s just who Stefan was.

I only learnt recently that Doc is no longer with us.. R.I.P. Doc you were a good man. And Stefan I wish you all the best of luck now you are back over the pond in the UK, take care my friend and if you are ever over here in California you know Susan and I would love to see you.

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