So lucky…

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Essentially I’m a happy person, I’m happy and so grateful for all I have, especially after the final traumatic year in Colorado. I’d spent several years involved in helping others while working for a truly great man. There is no doubt in my mind that I didn’t intend to go there and work for him but I know it was where I was meant to be. So although I have what is perceived to be an incurable disease I can look back at my life so far and say ”wow” I made a difference to thousands of people. People that needed something very important to their lives at that time. So knowing that makes me very happy and as I said yes I’m sick but…..I made a difference and that has been so fulfilling in my life.

Every day it’s difficult for me to move around, I’m in pain 24/7 but, big deal !!! I have all I need to get by, I’ve the best mother the best sister and an amazing niece, three beautiful women in my life that I will forever be grateful to.

So I’m happy, grateful and so very very lucky…

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