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The thought of becoming totally immobile and unable to move or do anything for myself is terrifying but that is how it can feel on occasions with MS. There have been days when I’ve stupidly indulged in a food eaten by almost everyone reading this, an innocuous thing like pizza or cereal. Probably 90% of the population will not experience any bad reaction or if they do it will be minor and ignored. But for me and other MS sufferers that have become gluten, lactose and sugar intolerant these food stuffs cause significant or severe problems. So my life requires me to avoid them and in the main I do without too much of a problem.

A few months ago I had a horrible reaction to eating granola, now most people will not have any adverse side effects from eating what is perceived by many to be a healthy breakfast, the problem I made and yes it was my own stupid mistake was to not look at the ingredients. This list clearly showed that each portion had more than 26 grams of sugar and I had two individual sachets for my evening meal. I thought initially that it would be ok to have two to replace my evening meal. That wasn’t just a big mistake it very nearly killed me, no I’m not exaggerating, it did. The next day I was unable to stand even with help, at one point I couldn’t lift my head and I was face down.

So thats when I felt like I was living in a body that I had absolutely no control over, I was able to think clearly, move my eyes and swallow but anything else, any physical movement was nigh on impossible.

So constantly looking and trying to fix me is my only priority, there are supplements I try and understand that these things don’t “fix” me, its not a case of swallowing a pill and feeling good, this is something that may have subtle improvements noticeable by me over several months.

After several years of trying various things, some of which may have helped others but not necessarily me have been dropped but over the past six months or so I think that I’m experiencing more positives than negatives. So I’m sticking with the 6 or 7 that appear to be working.

Using myself as a guinea pig can be frustrating and time consuming but at the end of the day it’s me that lives in this body and this body has a lot more places to go and things to do before Stefan has completed his bucket list…

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