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I think most of my readers and Twitter followers will know I wrote a book which primarily is about dentistry and the potential dangers this involves. I think the majority of people don’t like their dental visits for obvious reasons but probably 99.9% have no idea that a lot of dentists can cause serious health problems by doing what they believe is safe and helpful

Up until a few years ago, maybe ten years, most dentists worldwide still honestly believed that an Amalgam filling was safe, some actually believed they were good. I’m certain that they would never have told a patient that it wasn’t “silver” as most people were lead to believe, they wouldn’t have told you that the silver content was 8 or 10% at most or that more than 50% was actually Mercury..

Mercury is the Most Toxic Non Radioactive Substance on Earth and these people put it into your teeth, yes they told you if you asked them that it was encapsulated in the tooth so it was perfectly safe, oh yes and “the cheque is in the mail”…a likely story.


I’ve started a second book albeit another short ebook and this will cover my two biggest pet hates told by the medical profession, Cholesterol and Fluoride..

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