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I think that everyone has an imagination, a list of things in their mind that are accepted as fictitious and imaginary but also secretly believed to be possible in a strange way. I mean why go to the movies to watch Stallone kick Apollo Creed’s butt or overcome overwhelming odds as Rambo if these things were not actually possible. It’s a form of escape that we all like to indulge in when getting lost in a book that can and often does move us to tears..

Winning against all odds is the best feeling ever….


I’m sure a very large percentage of “ordinary people” like to think of themselves in a heroic way, when faced with horrible things we all know we would go to extremes to protect our child… nothing would stop us from saving our baby, we’d take a bullet or stand in front of a speeding train if we had to.

So why oh why do the same people simply accept when the so called medical professionals say there is nothing that can be done.


In my case, the medical professionals told me I have an incurable disease, in fact last year a neurologist actually looked me in the eye and said I was stage 4 MS and there was nothing that could be done for me….I should just accept that things could only get worse.


That’s when my Rocky Balboa and John Rambo came out, that’s when I knew in my heart of hearts that the doctor had five hopes of her being right and me accepting defeat, and they were Bob Hope, Periscope, Antelope,  Envelope and NO HOPE…


I will win, I will beat this so called incurable disease, it might take several more years but it will happen, I’ve done more in my life so far than the majority of people will ever do but there’s so much more to do, I don’t have a bucket list per se because the bucket big enough hasn’t been built.


This last week has been huge for me, the improvements I’ve been experiencing are huge in my world, I’m more optimistic and confident than I’ve been for a long time.

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