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I am always surprised, no, shocked by the way food companies can blatantly lie to the public about foods that are supposedly healthy when in reality are the exact opposite. Case in point is to do with yogurt that is claiming to help you indulge in a healthy treat by being “fat free” and helping you to lose weight.

OK they are telling you something that is partly true, yes it is fat free but it’s not healthy. Reducing the fat is not actually good, eliminating Trans fats is good but the fact is the body needs healthy fats for a multitude of reasons. The advertisers constantly harp on about cholesterol as being the number 1 reason for heart attacks which is another blatant lie. Cholesterol is truly helpful for the body, 25% of the dry weight of the brain is cholesterol, 23% of the cell membrane of the red blood cells is cholesterol, without it the cells couldn’t flex and contort to get through the miniscule capillaries which would result in heart attack or stroke.

Another lie and possibly the worst is that yes it is fat free but what they aren’t saying is that it’s high in sugar and sugar is the worst of the worst, sugar is as addictive as cocaine,

All carbohydrates are converted into sugar in the body, some sugar is then used as energy, theres a very complicated process that takes place and when done correctly and enables the body to burn up sugars. But the excess sugar is converted into triglycerides and are stored, not always but often around the hips and belly resulting in the often seen and referred to “Love handles” and “Front butt”.


If one looks at the average body shape of men and women today then compare to the average of men and women 50 years ago you’ll notice huge differences. Yes there were overweight people but not as many, now it seems perfectly acceptable to be not just a few pounds or kilos overweight but a couple of stones or 20 kilos overweight. Now it’s considered normal to be unhealthy and natural to be taking medicines for the allergy or sniffle or constant headache.

I think a very large percentage of people seem to think that it’s acceptable to not feel good.

Just look around you, take a few minutes to think about your family and friends, are there some that you think of as nice people but a little strange because they don’t eat or drink the same as you, they have to eat “special foods” or don’t drink Coke, I mean who doesn’t drink Coke… Then consider if they seem to be healthy, you might say yes they are slim or not overweight but I’d rather eat and drink what I like, when I like not be so fussy.

Well by avoiding the sugar laden foods and drink you aren’t putting your body under great stress and enabling it to do what it was designed to do and not be constantly battling with the crap being shovelled into your body.

Your body sends you a signal to let you know when it needs food, the problem that’s developed over the years is that very little foods have actual nutrition in them. The body sends you the signal which should be that it needs nutrition not just bulk to fill your belly. You then eat something tasty that fills you and quells the desire but in reality it’s not had what it needs, nutritious foods so a short time passes and you eat again and wonder why you gain weight.

I’m a strong believer in how the nutrition in foods have steadily been depleted, partly through farming techniques and the developments made by the pharmaceutical giants. There is so much money to be made by using cheaper materials, fillers etc to bulk up the size and weight of foods. The public think they’re getting more for their money and see these things as bargains when in reality the quality of the food is so inferior to 50 years ago. Then people spend a little to buy a product that has apparently been “enriched” but all it is is it hasn’t had as much nutrition removed, if the nutrition naturally found in natural organically grown foods were still there, the people of this world would live far healthier lives. This is a problem for Food, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Medical, Advertising  and Insurance giants that make ridiculous and disgusting profits from the ill health of mankind…

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