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I’ve no doubt in my mind that this problem I suffer from is a difficult thing to overcome but, I will not accept the classification given to it by the medical professionals around the world. I’m sure that 99.9% of MS patients feel it’s nigh on impossible to ignore the pain, discomfort and extreme fatigue that lives in our bodies 24/7 but I’m not one of them. I’ve used a multitude of herbs and supplements in differing combinations, some work better with food or before food on an empty stomach. There are so many variables and to be honest it can be disheartening but, as I’ve said before when a supplement doesn’t have the desired effect then I just see it as another to cross off my list and brings me closer to the right combination or method.

In some ways I have a lot to be grateful for, I’m happy, I have no real financial worries, I don’t have a lot but I do have enough to enable me to keep trying. Something I do have in abundance is love from those that matter, I have an unfailing belief that everything in my life will improve, is that stubbornness? whatever….I’m not accepting defeat period.

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