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I want to talk about calcium, not calcium that you are constantly encouraged to take in an inorganic form but calcium in an organic form that is helpful and very necessary for a healthy body to function.

Firstly let’s look at the tissue in your body; there are two types of tissue, healthy and unhealthy. I know which type is more desirable if given the choice, however, we as 21st century humans are constantly bombarded by the media to consume a form of calcium that doesn’t have a positive effect in the body, in fact it has the opposite effect. The correct form of calcium is a direct supplier of electrons to the energy factories in our body which are mitochondria, mitochondria then manufacture the ATP which is then converted into ADP, the necessary energy, or fuel for the body.The incorrect calcium, the inorganic or non-biological calcium,comes in the form of dolomite (rock), bone meal, oyster shell or coral calcium.This form does not transport electrons so, if anything will work against yourown body and undermine its ability to heal itself

If you watch TV or read magazines, which I suppose most people do, you will have seen commercials or advertisements for calcium in one form or another. In the main, these commercials and ads promote calcium  in a contaminated form. This cannot carry electrons as they have been altered by the food industry, I’m not saying they have done this to harm you, but it’s been done to enable their product to have a longer shelf life or has been diluted of its active nutritional benefits.

The only form of calcium that will help you comes from the earth, vegetable’s provide your body with the an abundance of calcium, broccoli and lettuce to name a couple.

Most people will think that the function of calcium in the body is related to hair, teeth and bones. Yes it is one of the requirements your body has for calcium but certainly not the main one.

When you move a limb or body part, even blinking and or pointing a finger requires a conscious or subconscious action, you don’t think about blinking or scratching an itch, you just do it. Your brain says move an arm or start walking and the part of your body carries out the action.

The command travels from your brain along a very complex network of nerves, the nerves are not just seamless strands, they have breaks in them. In order for the signal to travel along the network it has to jump across the break, this is where calcium comes into play. An explosion happens, a synapse that enables the signal to jump across the break and continue it’s journey to the specific limb or body part. This signal takes second’s, microseconds, nanoseconds to happen so it appears seamless to you, this synapse, the explosion requires a combination of different elements in the correct ratio to each other. Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium and Calcium are four major components.

So eating foods, good organic foods and masticating (chewing) them properly to activate the necessary enzymes for the body to absorb and assimilate is so important.

I want you to take a few minutes thinking about your health or that of a loved one or friend. Are you/they healthy, do you eat the right foods, do you chew your food? I ask you to seriously think about what is happening in your life, since I came to America from England ten years ago. One thing that stood out almost more than anything else was the natural tendency of normal people to reach for a pill when something wasn’t right. It seems that because of TV and media advertising, most people are brainwashed into taking pills. It’s become a standard nowadays to accept ill-health and take pills to address the symptom rather than looking deeper, look for the cause and stop eating or drinking or smoking it.

Some will look upon this post as a bit “out there” or “new age” or “too religious” but God didn’t put us on this planet to be sick, He wants us all to be healthy and live in abundance.

The majority of illness these days are man-made, yes man-made…

It isn’t that research is so much more advanced and that is why disease has been discovered, no, it’s been made and named by the pharmaceutical giants, whos only intention is to make more profit from the demise of the uninformed.

I have to say this, to make it known to the general public, I maybe a very small itch to these terrible people, but I hope I can help people, even one person to find health again.

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