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We all know that technology has taken massive strides in the last hundred years, bigger leaps than in any other period in “man’s” existence. You only have to look at the way you are viewing this article, on the screen of a pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Quite staggering really to stop and think of how life is, compared to life when “baby boomer’s” were kid’s.

Now we can get information at the flick of a switch by turning on a news channel on the TV or sending an email to someone in another city, country or continent. We are so lucky these days to have so many benefit’s in comparison to previous generations.

Most of the world’s industries are competing for our business which has encouraged and developed a competitive nature within individuals and organisations to develop the best tool, appliance, gadget or vehicle.

This being the case in most fields of business then why are people in general around the world sicker than they were 100 years ago. It’s constantly rammed down our throats that a new drug has been developed to fight a particular health issue and that we should all feel good about ourselves because we’re wearing a pink ribbon.

Donate to help fight cancer is what we are told, well how long have so-called researchers been trying to find an answer.
Penicillin changed lives a long time ago. The discovery of penicillin is attributed to Scottish scientist and Nobel laureate Alexander Fleming in 1928

So my point is this, how is that how did people working with such limitations in comparison to today able to make such incredible breakthroughs yet in today’s technologically developed world a cure for cancer cannot be found.

Actually it has, in fact there are many cure’s available if…..if you are willing to look outside the box and seriously consider what is generally perceived as “alternative or complementary medicine” .

It’s quite sickening to know that the methods used 75 years ago and are 100% natural are today described as “Alternative” and thought of as “New age” or whacky, when in reality they are natural, and effective and strangely have no side effects.

Going back to my opening statement, the answer is simply that the competitive attitude in “Business” doesn’t apply to the pharmaceutical industry collectively known as “BIG PHARMA” because they have a strangle hold on mankind. The Smithkline Beecham and other controllers of life as we know it have no intention of killing off the “cash cow” of illness in the world.

No, they are all part of a Cartel, they all know that if they spend millions on developing a drug to address a symptom, then people will constantly spend their hard earned money every month. They will make billions every year, they set aside maybe a hundred million to pay out compensation to those unfortunate to have had serious side effects. But sickness is big business, I feel bad for nurses because they are underpaid and over worked struggling to help the ever growing nation of sick people.


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