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When I first talked with her she was in such a bad way, she’d seen a lot of so called experts only to be told there was nothing that could be done to actually heal her, it was only going to be a case a taking more and more drugs to ease the pain but she had to accept the inevitable which was death.

I think my first conversation lasted more than an hour which didn’t put me in “doc’s” good books but in my heart I knew with the help of Drs Huggins and Nunnally we could save her.

The lady in question was originally from Europe but had emigrated to Canada in the 80’s, I knew that if I could provide enough information to her and her father that my compelling argument would be enough to change her life for the better.

I talked with doc and arranged for a telephone consultation in a few days. In the meantime I requested as many x-rays on her jaw to be sent to us.

When they arrived the next day I was shocked at what I was seeing, even in my inexperienced view they looked bad but the response from Dr Huggins scared me. Now this was from the world’s leading authority in biological dentistry, a man that had seen the worst but her x-rays shocked him.

After the consultation with doc I spent another hour talking to Kryztina and her father, eventually they agreed to attend a clinic in Texas.

Now this would not be an inexpensive undertaking, The clinic would involve a weeks course with Dr Huggins looking specifically at how to re-balance her body chemistry followed by extensive dentistry with Dr Nunnally.


Part 2 tomorrow..

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