She thought she was dying. Part 2..

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During the weeks prior to the clinic that she would attend I think I talked with her on a daily basis, she had justifiable concerns so taking her calls wasn’t a problem. On one particular call on a Monday morning she was in a terrible state as over the weekend she’d vomited 63 times and had a wicked case of diarrhea. Over the previous 18 months she’d lost almost 50% of her body weight so the vomiting and diarrhea was a major concern.

I gave her some advice to stop both of the violent body eliminations then spent some time with doc explaining my concerns.

A big problem was how weak she’d become, she would experience severe trauma during the extensive dentistry and knowing her immune system was extremely compromised would definitely be a challenge to say the least.

I arranged for another hour telephone consultation between Krystina, her father and Dr Huggins, she and her dad were very worried about the journey but at the end of the day not flying down from Canada would just mean nothing would change in a positive way, the reality is that she would just continue to get worse.

She and her father agreed that attending was her only real option.

Her dental work was more than $45,000 and her week with doc was $6,000 so it was an expensive option but I knew this was the best thing she could do.

I think Dr Nunnally was concerned and  certainly had reservations about the work that desperately needed to be done,  I remember him spending a lot of time explaining the dangers. He would use Conscious Sedation or as it’s often referred to as Sleep dentistry, “Versed” would enable the dentist to work for several hours as normally a patient couldn’t be in the chair for more than 2 or 2 ¼ at most

I was very happy about the results after her dental work although she had to have 2 further dental sessions, the first immediately after the initial work and the second a month later.

Over the next year she definitely put some weight back on and the strain she was under mentally was eased so all in all she was pleased she’d made the commitment albeit financially very demanding.

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