I will win….

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I met with a man from Works and Pensions today who conducted a survey, at first I was a little concerned but he made it very clear his questions and my answers would have no effect on my disability benefits so there was nothing to worry about.

The questions seemed strange to me, one specifically was “was I happy yesterday”…. I explained that I’m not unhappy…. When I look back on how my life has changed which is quite dramatically then of course I’m not pleased but I have to look at how things in my life are now compared to my final year in Colorado then I’m massively better off.

The neurologist’s I’ve seen both here and in the US are adamant that there is no way the disease I have MS is curable and I should accept that and prepare for a daily decrease in quality of life. But I see things very differently, I believe wholeheartedly that I have so much more of my life to live, be it using the supplements, herbs and nutrition or using my mind, I will beat this so called incurable disease.

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