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Nutrition…or the lack of it…

It has become a very sad place to live; I went to the US in 02 and was proud and very happy to live in the most powerful country in the world.
I became quite disillusioned as the years went by as I learnt more about the Monsanto’s of this world, companies whose sole aim is profitability, I admit that business is about making profits but not at the expense of humankind.
Here is a company driven by money and money alone, ethically they are at the bottom of the list, their advertising is based on lies, extolling their virtues and relentless research to help feed the world. That may be partially true, yes they are trying to feed the world, but with what?
Foods that have been grown from genetically modified seed, seed that has its own pesticides built in, so what happens to the corn or whatever vegetable materializes. It then lives inside your body, it contaminates your organs and prevents them from doing the job God assigned it to.
Around 90% of the foods we buy from mainstream food providers contains unnatural preservatives, has been sprayed or coated with pesticides or herbicides, has been bleached, processed or some other method to allow it to have a longer shelf life. What we are told is that this is better for us, what that really means is that it is better and is more profitable to the growers, transporters and stores selling this nutritionally bereft product.
You’ll read labels that contain misinformation not truth, labels that tell us this product contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and nutrients, I ask the question, based on what?
Yes the product in it’s original form, prior to processing probably did have the nutrition needed, however after bleaching, pasteurizing, homogenizing, processing, coloring and so many other unnatural processes there is very little left. Parents buy breakfast cereals that have had millions spent on them emphasizing the benefits it will give to your child. This isn’t strictly true, in fact the cereal probably contains less nutrition than the box it came in, yes you read that correctly, the cardboard box is probably more nutritional than the cereal, in fact the sugar coating on the cereal is far more damaging to the child than most things he or she will put into their body.
When we were born, it was a culmination of a man and woman meeting to procreate, we’d like to think that love played a big part in the child’s creation. We are human, natural, created with God’s blessing, well that was how it was supposed to be, the last thing we need is something synthetic in our human, living body. We are not supposed to have plastic or synthetic products mixing with living tissue.
We have a guardian, a unique protector living in our bodies, the immune system made primarily of white blood cells. Its job is to protect us, it constantly searches for foreign bodies, when it see’s them it goes into attack mode. It tries it’s very best to remove invaders, unfortunately there are some things that prevent that from happening. What are they? well think about it, what are those giants spending millions and millions on, yes you guessed, synthetic products, preservatives, pesticides and other unnatural substances that resist natural things.
So what happens is these unnatural, synthetic products take up residence in areas of your body specifically allocated for the natural nutrition needed to sustain this living temple we call our body. Our organs function inefficiently, we develop symptoms, see the doctor who provides more unnatural substances to fool the brain into thinking all is well. It masks the symptom, turns off the switch telling us we feel pain. So initially we feel ok but the problem is getting worse, but the receptor inside now has it’s eyes closed and ears blocked. The ostrich syndrome, bury your head in the sand, no, you can’t see the problem but it’s still there and probably getting worse by the minute, hour, day.
Doom and gloom prevails, well it doesn’t have to be that way, we can chose to eat good natural foods, not the junk forced down our mouths by the Monsanto’s of this world, make a stand, a true and honest objection to those giants with no interest in humanity. I’m referring to the companies interested in their own well being and profitability, not the health or well being of the majority, those making profits through the lack of understanding. This lack of knowledge isn’t through ignorance or lack of education, it’s through the brainwashing that takes place everyday, the masses watch television, read magazines and listen to the radio. Those at the top of the food chain spend billions on advertising to make people believe what they are promoting is good, the hidden message is that it’s great for them but bad for you.
Look for products that are organically grown, do some research yourself.
If it is a basic food but has more than 5 things in it’s contents then it probably isn’t natural, it has lots of preservatives, for some reason when you see natural flavors on the label, it probably means MSG. Monosodium Glutamate is an excitotoxin used to make you want more, it’s also a neurotoxin, stay away from products containing this.

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