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I’m sure most people watch TV or read magazines have noticed that there seems to be a non stop notification about one form of cancer or another. How you should talk to your doctor if you notice a lump in your breast and that’s not just women.

There is an understanding about how we should support the cancer charities and cancer research and wearing a pink ribbon to show support.

I wonder if the majority of people ever do any research or sit and think about this…

What causes cancer?

Is it hereditary ?

Can you catch it from touching a cancer patient?

What if you kiss someone with cancer?

Will you get cancer if your mum or dad had it?

Well I can assure you the answer to the above is a resounding no…


Ok so there’s an obvious correlation between lung cancer and smoking…

But there are fewer smokers now than ten years why are there more people with lung cancer now than ten years ago?


Everyone, yes everyone has cancer cells in their body, but as long as you maintain a healthy immune system the cancer cells have little chance of developing.


So I did some research, it seems that there are some organisations that are not keen on sharing specific statistics, I wonder why that is?


Now before I share this I’d like you to think back to my earlier statement, cancer is not’s not hereditary..


In 1996 there was 263,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the UK, there are millions and millions of pounds generated and donated to cancer research each year. The research facilities are working non stop apparently to find a cure.  In my mind it would surely be far better to find the cause not how to cure it when it happens.

It seems to be a very lucrative business…yes business,

In 2008 there was 309,500 new cases of cancer, so 43,500 more than 12 years before.

In 2011 that had risen to 331,487 new cases and the most recent statistics I can find is that there are roughly 1,000 new cases each week.

Again I ask the question, if it’s not contagious or hereditary, why the freaking heck is in growing  so rapidly?


Ok I don’t have a definitive answer but through working a Huggins Applied Healing and talking with Dr Thomas E Levy, JD, MD and Dr Hal A Huggins and reading countless books and research papers I do know a little more than most people. The immune system is designed to protect the human body, it relies on the correct nutrition to perform correctly, but over the past 100 years the way we (mankind) grow our crops, the way foods actually have little or no nutrition at all has reduced the efficacy of the human immune system. On top of that the use of artificial sweeteners and that white poison (sugar) in almost every processed food has weakened our internal defenses. Did you know that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment so stop putting acidic junk food in your body. Cancer cells thrive, yes thrive on sugar, so when you see these so called diet foods that are fat-free don’t fall for the con of thinking it’s healthy, look at the amount of sugar in it.


Since 2007 I’ve been devoted to understanding and researching natural health, I’ve been very fortunate to have worked closely with and studied some incredible people and the more I’ve learned the more disgusted I am by the pariah’s disguised as health organisations.

The population of the world will slowly but surely be reduced through the global use of pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified and synthetic foods.

Don’t take my word for this, do your own research, ask questions.

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