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We all have opinions about most things in life, it might be our own personal foods, the alcohol we do or don’t drink, a red or blue footy team or “Stenders” or “Corrie” and it’s based on personal tastes. Occasionally it comes down to an article we read in the newspaper or a programme on telly but how often are our opinions based on true dedicated research, not that frequently I guess. Yes I’m sure there are many that have been to university or taken degrees in a chosen field then have justifiable and strong opinions but…things that are genuinely accepted as being true and honest are not necessarily exactly that..

We get sick and go to see our local GP or get a toothache and see the dentist totally believing that these specialists are giving us the best advice. But what is really happening is that we are blindly giving them Uninformed Consent..A prescription is given for a drug that we simply accept will fix the problem, the doctor tells you to take the full course, see how you feel and come back if the drug didn’t have the desired effect.

In the US a patient goes to the pharmacy and signs two pieces of paper but never once do they ask why….Normally the second will be signing the “co-pay” for their health insurance but the first is normally a small strip of paper that is “matter of factly” placed in front of them. Actually this piece of paper is you signing that you will not hold the pharmacy responsible if the drug you take has adverse side effects, it might kill you but you have signed away all rights to take any legal action, hmmm interesting.


I’m not saying that all doctors know only what they are”encouraged” to know about pharmaceutical drugs and treating symptoms instead of true “healing” but that’s the view of most.

It’s frightening to know that the average GP spends maybe a day during the seven or so years training to be a doctor on nutrition and how it heals, yes heals the body.


So getting back to opinions, yes I too have opinions but in this field my opinions are not simply based on an article in a monthly magazine or on a TV programme sponsored by a pharmaceutical giant. No, my opinions in the natural health and dental field is based on solid research and working with true genuine experts, world leading authorities. I don’t think of myself as one of those people but I do know more than 99.9% of ordinary people.

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