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There are lots friends on here that knew me as a skydiver and some Facebook friends that knew me as a director for Huggins Applied Healing but there is a difference, actually a massive difference between the two men.

I’ll try to put this into a concise overview, starting about 30 years ago…


30 yrs ago I was still in my first  marriage, had a child, was an OK skydiver, an OK salesman, ran 25 miles each week, rode my mountain bike 50 miles per week, went to the gym twice per week, drank a few pints each week and ate whatever I wanted.


25 yrs ago.. still in my first marriage, had two kids, still reasonable at my job in sales and as a skydiver although I was in the 60 way (number 2), still ran and rode a lot and worked out in the gym. Some decent Real ale and good malt was a weekly indulgence.


20 yrs ago..Divorced, work and skydiving the same as were running, riding and workouts.

Work required me to drive almost 200 miles going to and from my job each day, although I earned more and was able to indulge in worldwide travel it was rather stressful.

A few beers and a snifter still a weekly thing.


15yrs ago..Still divorced still two kids, Started my own company “ which was a pain in the butt and not a success. Still ran and rode but not as much and the gym visits were few and far between.


13 yrs ago.. Moved to Colorado, married a local and the least said the better. Worked at s/w company, did well, running and riding still part of my life but at an altitude of 5280 (Denver the mile high city) it was hard. It was very difficult and expensive to get a good malt or decent beer so that stopped.


10 yrs ago.. Divorced from 3rd wife (cheating B**ch),  I was the client service director for the world leading authority in biological dentistry,  his work in Alternative healing was quite incredible and my involvement and help with more than 17,000 patients made a difference in their lives.

I’d studied with “Doc” and others in that arena of “true healing”.

No alcohol, I studied nutrition and body chemistry re-balancing so crappy although tasty foods never passed my lips.

I’d been diagnosed with MS so all physical activity was limited to riding my excercise bike and clearing snow.


3 yrs ago.. Returned to England, disabled, and live alone. Am now gluten and dairy intolerant so no pizza or chocolate. No alcohol ever, my two kids don’t talk to me (don’t know why).

My exercise is limited to getting to the loo 25 times each day.

Am I sad or pissed off? No….. I’m happy knowing what I’ve done and how many lives I was able to help improve, I’m honored to have worked with Dr Hal Huggins and what he taught me, my website gets over 350,000 hits each year and deep down I know that I will beat this disease contrary to all the doubters and doctors.

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