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Since coming back to England three years ago I’ve seen several changes, some good and some bad. There is no doubt that here I’m significantly better off than in my last year living  in Colorado, I have enough money to pay all my bills and buy the much needed, life changing supplements that I simply couldn’t afford back there. I get to see some of my family especially my mum which is brilliant. My big sister Suzie has been fantastic, I know I’d never have made it without her love and support and my incredible niece Debbie has also been “there for me” so I have so much to be grateful for…thank you so much..

My life in Colorado was different, special in so many ways. The position I held at Huggins Applied Healing was very stressful. Over the 3 ½ yrs I talked with probably more than 17,000 clients and some would become patients.

I probably talked and helped more than a 1,000 clients that like me had multiple sclerosis, probably another 1,000 cancer patients and lots of ALS patients, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple chemical sensitivity and other serious health problems that had been dismissed by traditional Allopathic doctors. I can clearly recall the many times I’d finish a call with someone that knew they would likely be dead in a matter of months, sometimes only  weeks unless something very special and unique was done and I’d have to go sit outside on my own and cry. But the incredible most fulfilling feeling happened on a regular basis seeing these people being given their lives back because of the work done mainly by Dr Huggins and Dr Blanche Grube or Dr Stuart Nunnally.

The disease I have is considered incurable by traditional medical practitioners, so trying to work out which supplements and what dosage using myself as a guinea pig is a tiring and often painful process but as I said earlier I’m grateful to have the chance.

So, I’m better off now, I have a great place to live, I can buy the nutritious foods and supplements I need, there is zero stress in my life other than hoping I recorded a programme on Sky TV. But….but I really miss my life back there, yes Colorado is an incredible place, it is beautiful but it’s the work more than anything I miss. It was stressful yes but also the most fulfilling rewarding job I’ve ever had. I look back and feel blessed that a lot of people were better off because of me. I am always reading about possible non traditional ways of healing, I try to keep myself informed by re-reading ‘Docs’ books and posting on my site that gets over 300,000 hits each year, but I really miss what I did and being part of that very special group.

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