The synthetic chemical joke.

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A plastic world..

The place we all live is the same, that sounds like a contradiction if you think about the homes we live in or the cities and countries but I’m not referring to the outside parts, no I’m referring to our body. The human body is essentially the same, the differences begin to materialise and establish themselves as we grow. These changes are primarily engraved into the workings of our body based on what is fed to us as we are growing. So the adage of “You are what you eat” comes into play.

We often hear about someone celebrating their 90th or 100th birthday and smile that they seem happy and content in their lives albeit physically limited.

But when you stop and spend some time actually looking at how foods have changed over the last 50 years you’ll see a marked difference. Foods these days have only a small percentage of the true nutrition that was naturally in it years ago.

There are masses of commercials on TV, in magazines, the radio and the most prolific source of information, the internet all promoting a medication to address a symptom of what basically comes from poor nutrition.

Sadly it’s become accepted that it’s a normal part of life to take medication, be it from the doctor of some OTC drug advertised in the media.

It’s not natural to need a drug, it’s not natural to be sick, it’s not natural to be a decrepit stumbling shadow of yourself by the age of 65.

The younger generation will never see one of their own living to 80 let alone 90 or 100 yrs old.

The brainwashing that takes place every moment of every day is making 99.9% of people believe our world is advancing but it’s not.. Before greed took over killer diseases were genuinely beaten. In the days before ultra fast computing and modern research facilities, the plague, pneumonia and several other mass killers were researched by candlelight and hard work. A genuine cure was found and people were healed, whereas now all that happens is a method to address a symptom is found which generates billions in revenue for the greedy selfish few.

There will be a time in the not too distant future  when people look back and realise that Y2K wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that the Natural world became a Synthetic Chemical Junk yard where nothing nutritious grew.


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