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If I was to sit and think, just ponder about my situation I’m sure it could get on top of me and end up with me feeling sorry for myself. when I look at my life as it was in comparison to how it is right at this moment it seems a world away. I was a very active person.

Skydiving, Hang gliding and SCUBA diving were just three of the many sports I participated in

I can look at the 180 degree turn my life took on that day in 1999 when I had a terrible fall on the concrete steps going up to my condo in St Augustine, Florida. How now I’m at home 24 hs a day 7 days a week. How the disease I have, MS makes it incredibly difficult just getting through the day. Just standing is extremely strenuous let alone getting into the bathroom 25 times each day or getting food in the evening, my life at this time is living with extreme fatigue

But I don’t look at my life that way, if I did I’m sure I would have ended it by now, no there isn’t a sliver of doubt in my mind that my life will change for the better as quickly as it did in 1999.

Some people will purse their lips and tilt their head a little and say, ah poor Stefan he’s living in his dream world…

Well don’t…..because I believe 100% that the day will come, I won’t be surprised if it’s tomorrow but I won’t be depressed if it isn’t.

My life isn’t about the final destination, I see it as a journey, a challenging one yes, but still the journey I’m on. There are some bad times of course but a heck of a lot of good times and for those I feel so grateful. In this state I look at all around me and every day there is something good. They might be small inconsequential things to most people but to me they are huge blessings so I give thanks for them and accept them gratefully.

I’m Stefan, Stefan with eternal optimism, Stefan with unlimited strength to persevere..

I refuse to be the guy you used to know who was active but now is sick with Multiple Sclerosis. I demand to be know as Stefan who cured himself….

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