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Multiple Sclerosis is considered an incurable autoimmune disease, meaning that the body’s own defences are attacking itself.  Essentially you are causing the disease… well I don’t agree with them for several reasons, them,  being the followers of traditional western medicine

Now it might sound like I’m just a pompous ass who’s stubborn and won’t accept their word but although the latter part is true the first part isn’t.

To start with I personally worked for a doctor that cured himself of the disease and hundreds of others over a twenty five year period.

So I’m following the basic tenets of his work, now every person is individual and unique so it’s not just a case of one size fits all, on the contrary it is a very complicated process to find the precise changes that need to be administered in order for the immune systemto accept, change and correct the various components in the blood to enable the corrections to take place.  

As I’ve said before, I’m not working in a laboratory, nothing is tried “In Vitro” as in a test tube with samples of the necessary additions to my blood to see what can work or go wrong. No it’s all done using myself as a guinea pig, great when I experience a positive but on the opposite end it can knock me back a month or two. But all in all I’m optimistic about my chances of once again living a normal life, I know, I know, I was never normal…

So why am I doing it this way? well the answer to that is quite straightforward, the world says that MS is incurable and I don’t agree so this is my only option..

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