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I firmly believe that our lives are dictated by the choices we make, each individual is faced with literally thousands of choices to make every day. The majority are “just done” as they are as basic as “should I get up today” or what underwear to wear today”. So they are not necessarily seen as important, but they are choices nevertheless.

I know so many choices throughout our lives are made by the simple decision of “do I like the taste”, but the foods we eat more often than not especially as we enter our adult life tend to have a little more thought especially if they contain large amounts of sugar or gluten.

When it comes to more important choices that affect our lives and well being well that’s a different matter altogether.

I’m a strong believer in “positivity”, I am subconsciously affected by negativity. I seem to have no choice in the matter when faced with stressful or overwhelming situations so I make an effort to not allow negativity in my life. Some people think of themselves as “realists” but to me it’s just pessimism so I have no time for that.

As each day presents a more strenuous challenge for me as is the case for everyone inflicted by a life threatening disease. My choice is to be optimistic, my choice is to attempt to get a better life and not just sulk and be full of “woe is me, or things can only get worse”.

I have made the choice to not accept the depressing option of “this is is “as good as it gets”. No, my choice is that I will be healthy again and I will lead an active life.

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