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Please note that these comments and observations are simply that!! I’m not complaining about anyone

I’m just stating facts… I think 99.9% of people tend to forget or ignore that the place we all individually live is the seen by others as your body… But in reality it’s where each individual lives and as such should be treated with respect and concern. Sadly this isn’t done by most people and that includes myself up to about 8 years ago when I started my new life working for an incredible man.

Since then I’ve been fortunate to have gained a better understanding of how and why the body should work and why they often don’t function correctly.

It’s so very easy to fall into bad habits when it comes to what we feed ourselves, when you experience what is perceived as hunger pangs it’s actually your body crying out for nutrition, now this is where we tend to be confused and mistakenly put things that satisfy two things. The first and often foremost is “Taste” if it tastes good then it’s good? Right!! No it’s wrong, the majority of processed food sold these days include many, many additives that can and often do harm us. Look at the list of ingredients on the label, you’ll often see ten, twenty or thirty ingredients on the label of what should be basic foods. If you are having a savoury dish why on earth should there be Sugar in it. You’ll often see this white sweet poison in abundance, when people put weight on but insist on eating foods that are “fat free” they get confused and frustrated but it’s the sugar and processed foods they should be avoiding.

Quite often you’ll see ” natural flavouring” listed, another thing to avoid, for some inexplicable reason food companies have been legally allowed to term MSG or MonoSodium Glutamate as natural. Crap!!!

MSG is an Excitotoxin that causes many problems in the body, it also crosses the “blood brain barrier causing more problems, it can be basically seen as the “more ish” factors. You eat and like it so much you just have to eat more!!! This is done by the manufacturers so you fool your body into it thinking you actually need it.

Carrageenan you’ll often see on the lists, listed near the end so there isn’t a lot in and it can’t be that important can it! Well this sneaky little additive is a “thickening agent” a bad one as well, this can cause problem that can lead to heart attack and strokes, It’s sad that the food companies pretend to have your best interests at heart by making “good wholesome foods” when in reality all they are interested in is their own profit at the expense of your health.

Secondly  the reason some people fill themselves with “junk foods” is simply to fill up. Your body tells you that you are stuffed but an hour later the mistaken feeling of hunger is back so the seemingly never ending cycle continues.

As I’ve said before, those “pangs” are not hunger pangs it’s your complex body screaming for Nutrition, something the intricate complicated human body needs to function correctly.  
Anyway the point of writing this article was to say after many years or researching I think I’ve been lucky to have stumbled onto a way of improving my life. I’ll say no more just now but I will keep you informed of my progress.

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