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Trying to describe how things are for me physically is difficult to do because unless you are personally experiencing this I think you can’t have any perception of this but something’s have changed in my life so I’m going to try and give you an idea.

If you can imagine yourself at the healthiest and strongest and fittest you’ve ever been, now that may have been when you were in your early 20’s or whenever was best for you. Now put that as 100% of your best ever. OK now if you’ve had a really bad cold or the flu physically and mentally you’ve dropped to 75% so you ache and feel weak physically but mentally you know that you’ll get through this in a week or two so it’s a pain but you know it’s temporary.

Now let’s also add a 50 kg rucksack that you have to wear all the time you are awake, yeuk..

You also have to wear really thick gloves so you have very little feeling in your hands resulting in a numbness and poor coordination..

The gloves have weighted fingers as well making it very awkward to do the simplest of things, the left one is thicker and heavier than the right so you tend to use the left less and less.

Now imagine those ankle weights that can be velcroed on, the right ankle gets a 20 kg weight but the left has a 30 kg weight on so lifting your legs just to walk is a major challenge.

Alright you get all this on while you have a bad cold so you feel extremely weak, physically and you are then told this is a forever thing and that other things are going to be added sometimes daily but this is for the rest of your life.

The 100% point I was at was reduced to 20% or less on some days which is a depressing place to be.

Now you have a vague idea of my life as it has been over the past 15 years, I don’t know if it’s because I was born in a really tough city (Liverpool) or it’s because I have an incredible mother who lived through the 2 nd world war and raised 7 kids or my time working in America, it’s probably a combination of them all.

I have used my determination, stubbornness and experience to not give in to what the world of allopathic medicine consider to be a life threatening incurable disease. I’ve researched and tried many things from many supplements to body chemistry rebalancing to bee sting therapy to ccsvi. But sadly nothing has made a significant difference until now.

I’ve been a strong believer and advocate of good nutrition, but knowing this and realistically being able to follow a plan is very difficult, not just financially but also the fact I’m on my own.

A couple of weeks back I learned about a way of possibly changing that and this is my 4th day. The improvements to me are massive, you can imagine that on the scale I talked about earlier and how low I’d become but I’ve definitely moved up a couple of places in a very short time. I’m trying to contain my enthusiasm..

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