Big surprise..

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Today is my 15th on this new regimen and what a big shock it’s been, in a very nice way. As per normal after I’d gone through the usual process  of bathing, dressing and breakfast that includes my supplements, I was reading a book when I felt different. I don’t know exactly what it was but I just felt stronger than usual. So I went on a piece of equipment called a Power Plate  that vibrates and forces involuntary tensing of the ancillary muscles in the legs. After 10 minutes I still felt good so maneuvered my way over to my stationary exercise bike. This was strange because I’ve never been able to use it in the year since it was bought. Getting on was difficult but the fact that i could and ride for a couple of minutes was amazing.

The above might not seem like anything special to most of you but for me it was quire amazing, what I’m doing is really working.

I’m not professing to have beaten MS just yet but I’m hopeful….

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