Day 36..

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Day 36 of the Mighty 90 and it’s just getting better, over the past few weeks I’ve been riding the exercise bike every other day. Obviously after exercise everybody is going to need a 24 hour recovery period especially if there has been expressly strenuous differences to what is considered normal.

In my case knowing my normal to be getting up and furniture walking around the flat then actual exercise is extremely strenuous and fatigues my body greatly so a 24 hour recovery is essential.  

Today I managed to ride non stop for 6 ½ minutes which is brilliant, as I’ve said before, immediately afterwards my legs are like jelly and I shuffle back to the couch and flop down. There was no difference today immediately after but now only 2 hours later I’m feeling good and feel comfortable writing this whereas normally I’d feel very weak and uncoordinated.

So this group of essential fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins collectively know as The Mighty 90 is changing my life for the better.

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