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It’s so surprising when during a period of good things happening that a small distraction can lead to a total collapse in the improvements. Thankfully that total collapse was just a temporary thing but a massive reminder to stick with what I know is good and to not deviate.

This is referring to my Mighty90 supplements and my love of raw milk, the supplements have for the last 5 or so weeks been changing my life in such a positive way. The Raw milk has undeniable benefits over conventional irradiated nutritionally bereft pasteurized milk. At one point in my life about 5 years ago I was drinking 3 1/2 gallons of it per week. Until I became lactose intolerant, so trying it again seemed to have little or no bad reactions, until last night.

After a half pint at 6.30 I felt a little weak in my legs so I just finished my water for the night and decided to go to bed about 7.45. Moving about seemed very difficult so I very carefully tried to walk but my left leg stayed planted to the floor. The big problem was that the upper part of me thought I was walking, this resulted in a similar crash to one I had a few months ago. Fortunately I only hurt my butt and pride and nothing else.

It’s 8.30 am and the bad effects appear to have gone so back to my supplements and no more milk, which had been my own choice, my bad…

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