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If I look at my life to date I am pleased by all I’ve been fortunate to have done, if my life ended tomorrow, but it’s not, then I wouldn’t have any regrets. I know there are some things I could have done better or tried harder at but as I said I’ve no real regrets.
I was born in Liverpool at a tough time not long after the 2nd world war, being one of 7 kids is always going to be hard wherever you’re born but I love all my brothers and sisters My mum and dad did the best they could, in fact my mum went above and beyond what parents would be expected to do and we are blessed that she is still with us.
Over the years we’d moved to Yorkshire and I sampled my first adrenaline jolts, rock climbing in the Dales and the Lake district got me started. I’d become a speed junkie with various motorbikes, I remember zapping up the M1 doing 150 mph on my Yamaha fZ1000 Genesis and loving it.
I tried Hang gliding, both the hill launch and towed which was fun although not a patch on the several hundred skydives I was able to do. A big thrill was in 1989 when I was number 2 on the 60 way, which at the time was the British record and went into the Guinness book of records.
I also took my SCUBA diving qualification, in some ways not as dramatic as skydiving or speeding on my bikes but it definitely scared me more especially when I once had a free flowing regulator. Luckily my best buddy Darren was there  to save me, thanks Daz..
In 1997 I lived for 2 years in Florida where I got my pilots licence, I think I was very lucky to have got it in 43 hours, the national average in the U.S. was 75 hours so I was pleased with my progress. I actually started on my commercial helicopter rating but ran out of money.I was also very much an active mountain biker and jet skier.
In 2002 I moved permanently to Colorado in the U.S. and several years later I became the Client Service Director for an amazing man called Dr Hal Huggins who was the world leading authority in biological dentistry. He also had a Masters in Immunology and Toxicology, during the last 30 years of his life he saved thousands of people from what the medical fraternity considered to be incurable diseases. I was fortunate to have worked for him for 3 1/2 years and learned so much from him. During that time I know I helped more than a thousand people, some directly, some by influencing them to have treatment and others by counselling them.
I feel blessed to have had that as a significant part of my life.
Yes I was born in Liverpool and yes I experienced a multitude of amazing things in England but to use a phrase off an advert on TV, I WAS MADE IN COLORADO.

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